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The Opera of June Mañana

This album consists of two sides; Part One: Tiger Lily (Tracks 1-8) & Partie Deux: Lotus (Track 9-16)


released June 30, 2014

Produced by: Bryan Ruckstuhl & Alex Silas
Recorded, Mixed, and Mastered by: Bryan Ruckstuhl, Studio 169
The Subterraneans are: Alex Silas, Liam Burke, Jean-François "J2xF" Frenette
Front & Back Cover Art by: Miner, Fall Down Gallery
Graphic Design by: EQ Media



all rights reserved
Track Name: This Town (w/ Bryan Ruckstuhl)
This town
Is a home to us all
And this town
Through the chaos and calm
Stands strong
Stands strong

This town is on fire, but we'll just let it burn
This town is on fire, this town is on fire, This town is on fire, and we'll stand strong

(Verse 1)
They say home is where the heart is, for my home I go the hardest//
On the long road of life, this is where it all started//
Just a kid from New-Brunswick, raised by a single mom//
Who taught him how to be a man, showed him how to be strong//
And mamma, I'm coming home soon, don't you worry//
With a couple more scars and a few more war stories//
It's been a long road so far, still so far to go//
Gone so far, been far gone, still so far from home//
I'll get there, with my backpack and my blues harp//
A blue heart, old soul, looking for a new start//
You ask me where I wanna go, I say too far//
You ask me who my family is, I say you are//
So if you feel me, raise the chant and stand with me//
Springsteen sprint, we were born to run this city//

This town is on fire, and we're feeling alive
This town is on fire, with the beat of the night
This town is on fire, and it keeps burning bright
This town is on fire, feel the heat deep inside

(Verse 2)
And I just wanna see my grandpa's name in shinning lights... One day I just might//
He was a paper-maker, mamma was a nurse//
I'mma be a musician, and I'm grinding till it hurts//
I will give you all my best, and I will give you all my worst//
I will give you all of me in every single verse//
But first, I just ask, can I get that love back? //
Lost in the heart of the city, askin' where's the love at? //
Heart on my sleeve, beat in my chest//
Music in my soul, melody in my head//
And this town, is a home to us all//
This town... Through the chaos and calm//


This town is on fire but we'll just let it burn
This town is on fire, this town is on fire, this town is on fire, and we'll stand strong
Track Name: Hip Hop Hippie (w/ Tragic of Philly Moves)
la la la la la
Throw your peace signs in the air

(Verse 1 - Alex Silas)
Only got a dollar & a dream, a bottle & some green//
A 16 'bout chilling with the honeys and the team//
So life's good I guess, I'm feelin' no stress//
Just peace & love, puff, puff, pass, and Jah bless//
Ah yes, this the groove that I've been trying to get on//
Summertime chilling, weather's good, gettin' our grill on//
If you got your grill on, starting beef, I'm vegetarian//
In other words, if you're talkin' that shit, I ain't hearing it//
Hip Hop hippie, with a ziplock of sticky//
Tupac in the boombox with Big Pop Biggie//
The sun's so hot but yo this beer's so chilly//
Whats up honey, I'm a bee that's trying to get busy//
Kick it with a hippie, its like we livin' in the 60s//
And the spirit of its in me so I'm Bob Dylan chilling//
Kerouac of rap, on the road with my backpack//
All I need is a beat, a bottle of wine, and a notepad//
And I'm good

And if you're feeling the vibe, and you're feeling alright
Throw your peace signs in the air
And if you like smoking weed, keep blowin' ya trees
With your peace signs in the air
Now say, make love, not war, make love, not war
Throw your peace signs in the air
Now say, the world is yours, the world is yours
With your peace signs in the air

(Verse 2 - Tragic)
Yo its a cool mornin', what to do, who's knowin'//
Smooth soothing, the dude's glowin', my moods showin' //
On the move man your dude's golden//
Attitude of a who's who with no juice rollin' //
That, nowhere tip, with a wholesale whip//
No pale bitch with fake tits and faux nails, shit//
I inhale quick, living life through my alias//
Barely lived a real life since//
I been a lifer, and wrong chicks I been a wifer//
Seen you when you needed sparks and I been the lighter//
Late night, pencil-paper, instrumental writer//
I tend to lie with any chick that make my mental brighter//
I guess that makes me sleezy, with a composition greezy, but//
I see beauty in it if it see's me//
Nothing please me, like, free love, my hippie steez b//
Much peace baby baby, be easy//


Singin' la la la la la
Well I'm just a hip hop hippie
We can kick back, spit a few raps, come and chill with me
Singin' la la la la la
Well I'm just a hip hop hippie
Rock the boombox, show me what you got, yeah come and kick it with me

Track Name: Lions and Tigers and Bears (w/ Karolinka)
(Verse 1)
You kinda like me girl? I kinda like you too//
I kinda feel like I could fly whenever I'm with you//
And I would like for you to know that I would fight for you//
Long as the sea is deep, long as the sky is blue//
I'll be true, tellin' you this ain't no fairy tale//
But you can be my CInderella, Sleeping Beauty, Ariel//
Not a prince but I'm your dude, and you're my dudette//
And we're just too good together like we're singing duet//
How do you do it? So effortlessly beautiful//
I swear your eyes they change colour, from green to grey to green, then back to blue//
You're so effing cool, I like the way you move, your grace & groove//
I want to make it with you, I'm trying to say to you, that baby I, //

I-I-I-I-I-I-I-I will fight for you
And I-I-I-I-I-I-I-I was made for you

I will fight for you,
Lions and tigers and bears,
Baby, I will be there

I will fight for you,
Jaberwockies and scares,
Baby, I will be there

(Verse 2)
Baby be my Alice, I'll be your Mad Hatter//
We drive each crazy but I'm never mad at her//
Cat's outta the bag, we're the cat's meow//
As we casually cross the city like cats on the prowl//
And she has cat eyes, I got a Cheshire grin//
And yeah, we're that fly, just like penguins? //
Just when I think I'm down & out, you help me catch my second wind//
So baby, thick & thin, we can get through anything//
We can spread our wings and fly away together, what you think? //
I want to give you the moon, the stars, and everything//
And I'm not really saying I could really grab the moon out the sky//
But for you I would try... Telling you that I, //

I-I-I-I-I-I-I-I will fight for you
And I-I-I-I-I-I-I-I was made for you
I-I-I-I-I-I-I-I will fight for you
I-I-I-I-I-I-I-I will fight!


And we,
Went streaking at night in the winter
And we,
Never asked no one for permission
And we,
Run, run, run, run, run, run, run,
Run, run, run, run, run, run, run,
And we're stupid and we're foolish and we know
We got each other when we got no place to go
And we,
Run, run, run, run, run, run, run,
Run, run, run, run!

I think I kinda dig you

Track Name: le beat
And everything is going to the beat - It's the beat generation,
be-at, le beat.
It's the beat to keep,
it's the beat of the heart,
it's being beat and down in the world and like, oldtime lowdown and like, in ancient civilizations the slave boatmen rowing galleys to a beat and servants spinning pottery,
to a beat.

*quote taken from Jack Kerouac's Desolation Angels

Bohemian beatsmith, Hip Hop hippie//
Just a beatnick, rolling teasticks of sticky//
They can't decide if I'm more GInsberg or Biggie//
But I'm Brooklyn, K Street, chillin' with the hippies//
It was all a dream! Quick - somebody pinch me//
Cuz the NY skyline never seemed so pretty//
Had a couple shows in the Lower East Side of the city//
And we chilly, in Chinatown, sippin' green tea//
Feelin' like Christopher Lee, Rios/
Dead in the middle of little Italy, little did we know///
That the flow alone would be biggin' me//
Up, yup, and we gon' show you how to build a beat//
Up, what, in my ear I hear a symphony//
What's the dealy? Ideally, I deal with music spiritually//
Which is sinfully, sendin' me, in new directions//
We do nothing sensibly and refuse to learn lessons//
The youth is so rebellious, they say you are overzealous//
But who are you to tell us, we're using the wrong methods//
We're stupid & we're reckless, but we're doing something genuine//
Through with all the messin' around, get around to the message//
Shootin' the messenger, but the message he shoots is truth//
You... Do what you gotta do so you can get it//
I'm a tudor & a peasant, a loser & a legend//
Keep it cool and yet aggressive, I'm crude and I'm unpleasant//
But if you give me a second, there's truth up in my message//
Its about using every second, live in the future and the present//
Using what you're blessed with, to make it through all of the negative//
Embrace positivity and see the world through rosey hued lenses//
Census says that makes no sense, but since when does it make sense to not be senseless? ///
Since its, /
Cents over sense, F this, I'm penniless and cents-less//
And my whole essence is fermented grape scented, as I make my entrance//
Attitude is Tupac, Hendrix, and John Lennon//
Singin' Hey Jude, while I'm kickin' around town//
Don't know where we going but hopefully homeward bound//
Baby hold on... And we gon' make it somehow//
Its funny, you gotta get lost 'fore you can really feel found//
And I'm down, for the ghettos, the cities, the villages, and slums//
Out here for my punks, hooligans, and hoodlums//
I feel them, like the kick and the snare in my eardrum//
That boom, boom, clap, b-boom, b-boom, clap//
I hear them, man we feelin' fearsome//
Fear none, I can drink to that, cheers son//
Staring directly at the sun till it burns my corneas//
I am a warrior with a blood-red golden aura//
A sorcerer, from deep within the mines of Moria//
I am today's Tom Sawyer, mean, mean, stride//
If you think Hip Hop is dead then you haven't seen me live//
Cuz we got hipsters, hippies, and Hip Hop heads feelin' the vibe//
Just chillin' side by side, when will you finally realize? //
That we're all just people, equal, you feelin' me right? //
Good, then let the beat go on, so I can flow on//
This that shit to get your stroll on, or roll your dro' on, and so on//
Cup of coffee rap, yeah, go on getcha mug on//
Roll ya shoulders back, yeah, go on getcha shrug on//
This a thug song, but more than that, this is a love song//
Peace & positivity, give somebody a hug song//
See, everything I need I got in this backpack//
And everything I know, I wrote in this notepad//
Home is where the heart is so I know where my home's at//
No borders or homeland, the notorious nomad//
On the road, with a bottle of vino rosso//
Hip Hop hobo, underground flow, siamo sotto//
We're subterraneans, we're aliens, ghouls & goblins in the street//
If they ask you what this is, tell them its the beat//
Track Name: Take Me Away
Take me to my love,
Yeah, go on take me away //
I've been drunk for far too long,
I've been in this bar for days //
And my vision is so blurry,
I've been stuck in such a daze //
God, I curse the evil poison
That ever put me in this state //

So, take me to my love,
Yeah, go on take me away //
I've been high for 40 nights,
I've been drunk for 40 days //
And this drink will be my end,
I know that and I'm afraid //
That the devil is behind me,
Trying to chase me to my grave //
Take me away!

(Verse 1)
Many old men said, told me, wish I knew then//
What I know now, then, I could make it different//
I heard that the richest men are the ones who are rich with friends//
So I cherish every minute when we get together for a drink//
I want to give this shit my best, I want to live with no regrets//
And when it's all said & done, want to say I'd do it all again//
And then, have a drink like we were young again//
Cheers, to where we are, where we're going, and where we've been//

Take me to my love,
Yeah, go on take me away //
I've been drunk for far too long,
I've been in this bar for days //
And my vision is so blurry,
I've been stuck in such a daze //
God, I curse the evil poison
That ever put me in this state //

So, take me to my love,
Yeah, go on take me away //
I've been high for 40 nights,
I've been drunk for 40 days //
And this drink will be my end,
I know that and I'm afraid //
That the devil is behind me,
Trying to chase me to my grave //
Take me away!

(Verse 2)
... Outta here//
What you drinkin' tonight? Umm a lot of beer? //
It's becoming kind of clear, even though my drink is dark//
That tonight's one of those nights, so damn right, I'm going hard//
Don't remember anything that happened and I shouldn't have to//
Flashbacks of back to back shots of Jack till I hit the bathroom//
A little after half past 2, the bouncer threw us out//
So we crashed to the alley and the blunts came out//
Young punks run a muck in these dirty city streets//
This pretty girly was flirty and her curves making me weak//
Her hair was curly and I swear her lips tasted like peace//
But what was her name? What was her name?! //
Baby you got so much class, I'll learn anything you teach//
Know this whiskey's got me tipsy and I keep slurring my speech//
Swaggering my step, stumbling around//
I was lost, now I'm found, one last round//

Take me to my love,
Yeah, go on take me away //
I've been drunk for far too long,
I've been in this bar for days //
And my vision is so blurry,
I've been stuck in such a daze //
God, I curse the evil poison
That ever put me in this state //

So, take me to my love,
Yeah, go on take me away //
I've been high for 40 nights,
I've been drunk for 40 days //
And this drink will be my end,
I know that and I'm afraid //
That the devil is behind me,
Trying to chase me to my grave //
Take me away!


Track Name: Alpine (w/ Shaun Sullivan)
(Verse 1 - Alex Silas)
My grandfather was the wisest man who ever lived.
He once said:
“You can take the rust off the car with soda,
be it pepsi or coca cola,
but you can’t with whiskey or beer”
So, Cheers.
Truth is,
he was an alcoholic.
Not to get off topic
and get all melodramatic
when this is supposed to be melodic
but see,
Do Re Mi,
trying to find the right key
to unlock these skeletons in our closets,
cause we all have demons,
plotting diabolical obstacles and these fiendish demons and skeletons might seem the size of dinosaurs but really they’re fossils,
ancient history.
But see, my grandpa,
he was the strongest man living.
I remember trips where we would go ice fishing.
He showed me how to throw a ball and hold a bat,
I was bad at it, he said,
“Alex, keep swinging.”
And as a matter of fact, he beat alcoholism,
but its still what killed him.
And that had me thinking, swimming in my thoughts, but swimming in this dark liquid that I’m sippin',
and shit should I just quit drinkin?
Cause this shit…
This killed my grandpa,
mon pépère,
and fuck do I ever miss him.
But still,
distill my dispiritedness with spirits from the distillery, and spirits be still,
let’s keep it real.
Nobody lives forever, you gotta die from something.
And I’d rather die with a wino’s twinkle in my eye,
than of fuckin' old age or something.

(Verse 2 - Shaun Sullivan)
I’m an abider of the bar rules,
it’s the 2 seat gap between any patron kind of bar stools
where I sit and give bar tender to my bartender
with hopes that this bender
makes me remember how to no remember.
They say memory is a strange thing,
and I think I the same thing.
Same day ends the same way,
get home and pour the same drink.
Yet I never took the time to stop and think
about how this habit spawns addicts
yet each night I’m back at it,
a fifth of jack I jacked
stashed in my jacket
mixed in a flask engraved closed casket.
Straight swigging
wanderin the streets
thinkin when the bottle ends is where ends meet.
Drunken thoughts kill,
a heavy heart and light headed mentality,
but to be stone cold sober
how fucked up that’d be.

(Verse 3 - SIlas & Sully)
How sweetly this whiskey sips,
how distinct the sound of the clink,
drownin in hits,
siftin through memory clips,
full moon eclipse, my mother’s son,
there’s no light come the last drip.
A habit I can’t kick, alcoholic soccer,
on the rocks, off my rocker,
drop shots droppin
drop me off at the doctor,
last call last offer,
how long will I last?
Half past the half glass of Black Walker.
Walkin backwards wobblin’
and talkin smack, gobblin.
Got God awful habits
I had honour, I lost it.
I’ll get back to it afterwards.
But I don’t know what I’m after.

Like protractors to angles
I never come full circle.
Started off Urquelle and ended up Urkel.
2 personalities who personally wanna hurt you,
Vigourously verifying vendettas, victory over valuing virtue.
A vagrant, vacant, vague view,
In Vino Veritas, in verses too.
Purposes postponed, probably poundin pints,
A porpoise plunging in a pool of patron and lime
Tequila tasting terribly terrific,
tongue tied time after time.
Terrifically terrible, tipsily talkin
to this titillating thing,
tisk tisk,
bet ten out of ten
she’s a dime.

Sadistic stares shootin shame,
A simple sonnet,
soliliquizing substance abuse,
surface from slumber soaked in spew stains.
But suffice to say,
there’s a price to pay
to live life at night,
no sight for the light of day.
And like they say,
A drunken mind speaks a sober heart,
and if life imitates art,
then the mistakes I’ve made
are inspiration for bars.
Reflections of myself in the mirrors at bars,
understand what I really am
but try not to take it so hard.
I’m as much a part of the atmosphere
as the paintings on the wall,
ignoring the girlfriends calls,
three sheets to the breeze til I fall
off the bar stool, a fool,
following bar rules, off the wagon,
I fell,
often bragging bout shots at last call,
attitude uncalled for but fuck it,
blame it on the alcohol.
And now that’s a worse problem than the habit itself,
write a book of drunk regrets and leave it on the shelf,
self preserve self worth knowin I’m hurtin myself.
Self health? Nah, I medicate through self help.
But my other self is selfish,
my evil alter ego.
Ask Dr. Jekyll,
he knows.
People form torn jeans to tuxedos,
need a placebo,
to ease the misery and woe,
but fuck it,
Cheers amigo.
Track Name: Something about Growing Up
He said,
You better leave town boy,
And don't turn back
Clock only moves forward boy,
It don't turn back

And she said,
There's nothing for you here love,
You better leave town
Don't think 'bout what you lost love,
Think of what you fond

He said,
You gotta let go
And she said,
You gotta let go
And we say,
You gotta let go
Yeah, we say,
You gotta let go

Well I been breaking down and breaking apart
And its been breaking my heart
But you gotta let go, take it back from the start
And I know, I know, I know,
This'll make me stronger, yeah,
I know, I know,
This'll make me stronger

(Verse 1)
So I was talking to my cousin and thinking damn...//
You're probably who I would of been if I would of had a dad//
And I don't mean at all for that to sound sad//
Its just the way things happen sometimes, and I guess its too bad//
But anyway, he did his best, and that's really all I can ask for//
As for, the past, can't change that so take the path forward//
Alex hits the asphalt runnin', trying to hit the fast-forward//
But the future moves in its own course and you can't overlap yours//
Life moves at it's own pace, you gotta respect that//
I'm just in it for the chase, prayin' I don't get held back//
I've discovered I'm stubborn, and I can't really help that//
Among other things, I'm not perfect, I'm asking if you can accept that//


(Verse 2)
Thinking on my past like, damn, that must of been a past life//
But since that's past tense, you can't change that, right? //
So today, Carpe Diem, seize the day and make it right//
The future stays in sight, everything else is rear-view//
And if you thought I wasn't listening before then right now I hear you//
I'm here for you, sheddin' blood, sweat & tears for you//
When everyone else doubts, you still need to believe in you//
Just leave it to, the universe, and it'll see you through//
You gotta stay positive, work hard, and always keep it true//
My old man doesn't know it but he taught me how to be my own man//
Cuz he was never around, so everything I know I learned it on my own man//
Oh damn, I'm still the same messed up kid, but I've grown man//
I'm feeling old fam, even though I'm only 24//
We've had good & bad times, and we're hoping for many more//
Standing ready on the road, head on my shoulders, steady on my toes//
All the stress just let it go, focus on my goals, got myself under control//
And I think I'm headed home.... lettin' go//

Track Name: Spruce Tree
"Spruce Tree" was performed live, as a story being told. It is a recollection of a memory, no lyrics were written out.
Track Name: Mouton Noir (w/ Katie Bourque)
Honey you complete me,
But I am completely,
Your slave, your captive, your victim
On this stage, like a ledge, and I'm slippin'

I'm slipping

There you go again
Trying to break me down
I get up again
Fists up for another round
Here we go again
Drinks up for another round
Here we go again, here we, here we go again
I'm addicted to the sound

Mais ça me va,
Je suis le mouton noir

O, the things that I've forsaken for my career
Alienated by my peers, but I know the hatred comes from fear

(Verse 1)
Eddie told me "stop playin' man, you need to kill'em" //
Yeah, life's a bitch but I swear she's been catchin' feelings//
Things finally feel like they're clickin', got a metric tonne metronome//
So in the zone, I'm gone, I am never home//
Always on the road, but its good, it's all Paradise//
And these European women are very nice, I'm on a next day flight//
She kissed me, said "you better get your ass back to Switzerland." //
Never been, but since Catania think I'm officially Sicilian//
Fuck it, love we're just livin', twistin' dubs, we're just chillin' //
We're just saints living in the city of sin//
And since, nothing makes sense, we never live in past tense//
Know exactly who I am, black sheep, since back when//
When Alex was 10, he ain't have friends, he had imagination//
Synapses of my brain snapped when I grabbed a pen//
Started rappin' with an accent, like I was from New York//
Cuz 90s Nas & Jay-Z taught me that's how rappers talk//
Somebody please play some BIg L while I twist this... //
In my Optimus Prime, Autobot, my drive is autobahn//
Going on beast-mode, you can Keep Calm, Carry On//
Up another level, they don't know what area I'm on//
I'm doing me so hard, I got the hairiest of palms//
But got my James Bond license to kill//
Fuck that, License to Ill, the Beastie Boy is here for Sabotage//
Livin' lavish? Nah, I'm here for the savages and have-nots//
Gettin' Oliver Twist-ed, "please sir, can I have some more?!" //
I'm trying to drink the whole muthafuckin' liquor store! //
And we're outside, outdoors, drinking in the moonlight//
Baby, you're out of this world... You came from the moon, right? //
Too right, and the two of us'll only ever have to-night//
And the moon... and the stars... and the ocean//
And we're coastin', and we're flowin', and Juliette & Romeo-ing//
Both young, in love, and hopeless/
But this is Lotus, this is opus, this is Roots

There you go again
Trying to break me down
I get up again
Fists up for another round
Here we go again
Drinks up for another round
Here we go again, here we, here we go again
I'm addicted to the sound

Mais ça me va,
Je suis le mouton noir

Out here in the fields...
I fought for my meals...
I don't need to be forgiven,
yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

(Verse 2)
Woke up in an alleyway in Dublin, where's my passport? //
Surviving whiskey-suicides, last call, last resort//
But fuck... how long's this damn trip suppose to last for? //
You ate the whole bag? Oh dag, the fuck you do that for? //
"You're gonna die man." Nah I'll be alright man//
I just feel like sometimes life could use a bit more excitement//
And the times they are a-changing, I'm Bob Dylan, Blowin' in the Wind//
Whole world slows down, here we, here we, here we go again//
Say that you my friend, I don't believe you, I ain't got those//
I'm a bottlenose, killer whale, shark in dolphin's clothes//
Lips, wrapped around that bottle, not alcoholic, but its possible//
I just know, if there's a genie in the bottle, I'mma swallow that bitch whole//
Go. Hittin' rock bottom trying to find that pot of gold//
Till then I got this pot of green, I mean this jar of tea//
Say it like a square kid, come and "do" pot with me//
Stumbling sloppily through Ottawa streets, with a bottle of vi- //
-no, I know in vino veritas, and all I got is the beat yo//
Siamo bravi ragazzi, perdon, io no sono qui//
Alex Silas qui? Mais bé, on baise ou quoi? Oui//
Ostie, how am I supposed to stay grounded when I been overseas? //
And, how am I supposed to settle down when she can't even get over me? //
And, how am I suppose to feel love, when I don't even love myself? //
Fuck... I just wanna flow, no I don't want nothing else//
Book me a show or festival, I'll do the whole thing by myself//
But radio stations don't know where to play him so they place him on the shelf//
What the hell? Alt or Hip Hop? Country-Folk or Punk Rock? //
Either way I'mma rock the mic till my fucking lungs pop//
With the passion of a young Pac, this is where giving a fuck stops//
This is all I need is one mic, this is me taking my one shot//
Its all I got, I'm noddin' off, writing rhymes at the bus stop//
But this is Lotus, this is opus, this is Roots

There you go again
Trying to break me down
I get up again
Fists up for another round
Here we go again
Drinks up for another round
Here we go again, here we, here we go again

There you go again
Trying to break me down
I get up again
Fists up for another round
Here we go again
Drinks up for another round
Here we go again, here we, here we go again
I'm addicted to the sound

Mais ça me va,
Je suis le mouton noir
Track Name: Went From
(Verse 1)
My name is, Alex, then add the Silas//
Young Pharaoh, still trying to find his Isis//
Flow so cold, make you know what ice is//
Alright shit, Zeus, with a liver like Dionysus//
Cause ain't always righteous but I'm living my life... bitch//
Probably die trying to get rich, rich//
Feels like we still on that hood shit, shit//
Cuz we still out looking for good flips//
And I'm wishing I could quit, it's not worth it//
Feeling worse than worthless, trying to search for purpose//
On that purp when I versed this//
And I know that I'm a perp in the searches//
Profiling worse that Facebook, look, I'm just trying to build a castle with my rooks//
Exactly how it looks, I'm not a rapper, I'm a crook//
No gatt, no jook, I go to battle with a book//
I am Peter Pan, man, fuck a Captain Hook//

I went from what's he called? To what's he sippin' on? // (Eddie Quotez)
I went from cartoon caricatures to cardigan-class// (Liam Burke)
I went from drinking all night with the rejects to drinking all night with the rejects, shit//// (Defckon)

I went from novice, to a promise// (Masai)
I went from underground, to Subterranean// (J2xF)
I went from Magikarp to Gyarados, Bellsprout to Charizard, Ginyu to Saiyan, so what you sayin'? //// (Apollo The Child)

(Verse 2)
Got that fire in my eyes, pyro-iris//
So every time I blink, I burn the inside of my eyelids//
I spit, like it's, do or die, cuz it kinda is//
I could commit suicide, and still I would live//
I'm a survivor kid, like them Destiny's Child chicks//
Always had a crush on Kelly, and baby we Rowland//
In an old, broken-down Chevy, don't know where we going//
But it could be anywhere, and really, we don't care//
Woke up this morning with a "hell yeah!", this is my day//
Felt like Ice Cube in Friday, now where the fuck is Deebo? //
The booth is my confessional, the studio's my cathedral//
Seen too much evil through my peephole, to ever trust in people//
But I'm just, lettin' it be, listening to the Beatles//
Scribblin' these notes, chillin' with my imaginary heroes//
A little outside of the, outcast, often going off the track//
but I went from a dude that sort of raps, to a rapper that does more than rap//
Holler back


(Verse 3)
Lionheart, tiger blood, out here with all kinds of thugs//
Fuck a line up at a club, man I'm trying to get fucked up//
Pass the lighter bruh, I can touch, the sky above, I'm high as fuck//
Light a blunt, here's to us, surviving a life of drugs//
Good thing I got this hustle cuz I'm, shit out of luck//
But I'm, living it up, and not, giving a uhhhhh//
I don't know about you, but I'mma shine & strut//
I got a bottle of rum and a slight marijuana buzz//
Everything I touch turns to dust, reverse Midas touch//
She turned to face me in bed and asked me, can I love? //
Can I Live? Damn baby, shit//
I'm just trying to handle biz, understand the kid is an animal implanted with enhancement chips//
On an extra-planetary trip, an expedition into madness, an exhibition of my passion//
Not trying to make some classic shit, just trying to imagine it//
Hear the glasses clink... Hear the ashes//
Fallin' off of the spliff, hear the cameras flash when they snappin' pics//
Here we are... This is magic shit//
Went from fat kid with glasses to attractive chicks making passes at him//
Say they like my tracks and my passion when I spit//
And I, And I think they dig my lumberjack fashion sensssse//
I think I got my swagger back, shit//
"I went from what's he called? To what's he sippin' on?" //
I think The Outside Looking In is where we still belong//
On that Nostalgic shit, that Fresh Prince & Jazzy shit//
Trying to find an Ashley chick, actually, I should rob Banks for bricks//
On my Chris Hadfield shit, till gravity kicks//
I'm flying high like Apollo The Child and That Nasa Kid//
That Punk's Back Rappin' shit, fuck this whole track 'n shit//
Remembering back when they used to laugh at him, back when//
He took the long way home, cuz bullies was always chasin' after him//
Now I swagger in, they whisperin' "shit, that's him!" //
And to think... I was the kid that got picked last in gym//
Track Name: Zombeez (w/ The Adding Machine)
If Hip Hop is dead...
Muthafucka I'm a zombee
If Punk Rock is dead...
Muthafucka I'm a zombee
If- shut the fuck up, muthafucka I'm a zombee
Rah! Rah! Rah! Rah! Rah!

(Verse 1 - Alex Silas & Defckon & E.ON)

b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-Back on my feet, wreaking havoc with a pack of savages & freaks//
We got a passion to eat, itty bitty little bits of rappers in teeth//
Actually, 28 Days Later, fashionably, I'mma practice what I preach//
But I'm a sacrilegious priest, and I beast, unh//

Gimme that mouth, gimme that flesh, gimme that brain, I'mma give you that ugh//
Creepin' like an undead Jughead, wearin' the crown, ya boy started his reign//
Well I got that nailgun to yo' temple, taking a bite of yo' mental//
And I'm chewin' it up like the cow to the cud 'fore I vomit a bucket of blood//

Came from the dirt, The Last Of Us//
Pass the blunt, runners up is gon' be mad as fuck//
Creeps with feet shufflin', knees bucklin', get the green//
Draggin' you screamin' and please will you quit strugglin'//
Nuttin' stoppin' us, hoes holler for cocks to swallow//
That's, two birds with one stone cold bar if you follow//
With who-knows-what, they got in styrofoam cups//
If you sleepin' on gods - burners at your belly get your tummy tucked//

Well they been askin' bout my attitude, its pretty simple//
My mentality is fuck everybody: Nympho//
For your info, I'mmmmm more than a little bit skitzo//
No really though, its the Joker, Glasgow Grin slit from dimple to dimple//

We mobbin', we mobbin', I came for their heads so they put out a hit for me//
And you tryna murder the boogey man, homie you gotta kiddin me//
But you ain't killin' me, dead in the middle of little Italy, you little motherfuckers literally little league//
And you can never get rid of me cuz I'm a bad bad man with a blood lust looking for a nut-bust//

If Hip Hop is dead...
Muthafucka I'm a zombee
If Punk Rock is dead...
Muthafucka I'm a zombee
If- shut the fuck up, muthafucka I'm a zombee
Rah! Rah! Rah! Rah! Rah!

(Verse 2 - E.ON & Alex Silas & Defckon & ADDwolf)

I'm out, stalkin' the streets, ready to feast//
Dinner with yo' Mrs yo' bitch is dinner, blood on my cheek//
Rollin' 40 deep and a 40 deep no apologies//
Minaj à trois, I zom-beez in the trap//

I zom-beast on the track, Wu Tang Killah zom-Beez at my back//
nomnomnomnomnom, zom-eatin' these rappers, leave 'em lookin' like zom-B movie actors//
Zombee Queen, she's squeezin' my bratwurst, he's not a rapper, he's a disaster//
Ugh, flow is hot-dog, fuck you Sweeneys, I am Frankenweenie//

Bitch got me droolin' like a saint bernard, and I'mma flip that ass like a playing card//
Well I rap and I sing and I play guitar, so ioeneed a mufukin A&R//
i ain't a shark, but my teeth still razor sharp, no act, but i play the part//
Make no mistake, I ain't making art, I'm just tryna tear your mufuckin face apart//

i make these lames Spring back like winter//
Fuckin' with the Rat Pack I'm Young Master Splinter//
Puffin' on that loud got these niggas yellin' timber//
You say you spit that fire, if you lucky its some cinder hah! //

Ayo these Jokers better hit the bench cuz I'm at Bat-Man//
In the Bat-Cave blazin', Catwoman on my lap man//
God damn, pussy insane, she need a cat-scan//
Catania was catalyst now catch me flickin' matches at gas cans//

Blowin' up.... with these flammable ingredients//
A recipe for disaster from actual rap deviants//
The clique you claim is meaningless, Got them machines war ready//
Silas got his Subs so the bass is more heavy//

Unhhhhh mic check 1, 2, what is this? //
That cannibal, I'm Hannibal, we bout that business//
Undead in the head, countin' bread till we fed//
Cuz the blood will be bled, yeah that red will be spread//

Yo where my dogs at?! "Yeah, we a bunch of Cujos" //
True yo, troops of ghouls & ghosts reaching out from under tombstones//
Too stoned, and I'm RIP-pin' the track, so flow is Rest In Peace//
So ill, I'm past sick and have become deceased//
Fuck with me

If Hip Hop is dead...
Muthafucka I'm a zombee
If Punk Rock is dead...
Muthafucka I'm a zombee
If- shut the fuck up, muthafucka I'm a zombee
Rah! Rah! Rah! Rah! Rah!

(Big Fuck You Outro)
Track Name: Last Song (w/ Poetic Elements and Eddie Quotez)
Sing it like my last song
Cuz life's short, we all know we don't last long
Been questioning the path I'm on
But whether it's right or wrong
I'll be here until I'm gone

(Verse 1 - Poetic Elements - Apollo The Child & Masai)

I'll sit and count stars in a starless sky//
And I've been spitting bars to cage the bird that's supposed to fly//

And sing a tale of clipped wings, through a broken sky//
Rehearse words that cut deep, that'll make the devil cry//

It'll make the devil cry, we got a snowballs chance//
And we gripping on our dice, we get the cobra's glance//

Man, its all that I got, its got me high//
Swerving through the odds just to get a handle on life//

And we grip it by the handle bars, / Survival is a fan of ours /
Two boys out in Canada /
Feeling like this planet's ours /
Addicted to the battle scars /
War stories from Kandahar /
Never wished on falling stars /
Idols fall, the curtain calls /

Curtain calls and exit stage, I'm rapping til the end of days//
Mark it on my headstone grave; “The skinny fuck who never changed”//

For a little bit of change, ride strange, deranged//
Raved in a range, just to get up in your lanes//

Get up in your Laaaane Lois, euphoric//
Leave you looking stoic, these handsome bros are poets//

Words we go to war with, how could I forfeit? //
My soul bleed historic, peace Dionne Warwick//

Got that old soul, old soul from the vocal chords//

That fermented sound, y'all pay homage for//

Yeah, P-EL pays dues to our last cent, last breath//
Doing this for years till we end up in a casket//

(Chorus) x2

(Verse 2 - Eddie Quotez)

Spit it like its my last (x4)
Spit it like it's my last, ya I shine brighter, hope I don't run out of gas//
Feeling so slept on, am I the losing race? //
Heading West so I guess this is a Kim Kardash//
And it feels like the more my fucking rhymes get doper//
The more I get fucking looked over//
Doing stupid shit in desperation cuz I'm always being underestimated//
I'm facing this frustration and all these moves that I'm making//
Feel aimless, and everyday seems like the same shit//
Basic, on an everyday basis//
I've fucking lost my patience, and I'm tired of being humble//
Cuz they don't listen when you mumble, so I'm yelling " I'm the best in the city"// Fuck you if you ain't with me//
I'm fucking up your circle like areolas on titties//
Always on my grind like minced meat, y'all wonder where this came from? //
I've always had this in me, you were too focused on someone bogus//
To notice this dope shit that I'm flowing, coke head lines is potent//
Better rhymer than they ever been and that ain't even arrogance//
Flyer than the rest of em, future burning bright, hoping that it lasts long//
But I'd fucking die a legend if this was my last song//
Fucking die a legend if this was my last song

(Chorus) x2

(Verse 3 - Alex Silas)
till I'm gone/
Music is a part of me/
The beat is in my heartbeat, my art is in my arteries//
So I bleed for this, you need to breathe this in//
We are the lose causes, screaming "we exist!" //
If you believe in one thing than believe in this//
Even if, I die tonight, it would be with peace & bliss//
Cuz at least I had this, this moment right here//
Sacrifice our whole lives for the spotlight & cheers//
Yeah, alive, for 25, minutes, at a time//
And I don't know why but I feel like I'mma probably die like Pac died//
Popped on Flamingo drive, shot dead at 25//
So until, I'm trying to hit 25 mil, hit it out the field like pop flys//
Trying to find that inner balance, but the scales are lopside//
But that's why, got that underdog hunger, I'm never not hungry//
Not from me, you ain't taking shit like broken portapottys//
Work my fingers to bone to support what's becoming more than a hobby//
Got it right in front of me, looking like more than probably//
Possibly, Ottawa's Big Poppa, how I really Wallace a beat//
Like William, yellin' "freeeeedooooom!" right before they kill him//
You can't help but feel him, product of my environment//
In the back of a coach, poppin' the cork, off a bottle of port, headed to Cork, Ireland//
Inspired when, Nas told me the world was mine//
Clock says 1:19, guess that means that its my time//
Last song, last bar, last breath, last rhyme//
Track Name: Lotus
(Verse 1)
I been struggling with my inner demons and I know this liquor feeds 'em//
But I need the liquid courage so I can just up & leave 'em//
Like a battered wife who's tired of taking the beatings//
Like a crackhead on the street who's tired of shaking & fiending//
And I'm just... tired of feeling, apathetic and alone//
They askin' "Alex, yo you stoned?" Nah man I'm just in the zone//
With my eyes closed... walking on this tightrope//
And my eyes low... about to fall off the high road//

But I'm just vibing to the highs & lows, I don't know where the fuck I'mma go//
Its hard to breathe, I'm surrounded by the smoke, but you know that I'm all kinds of dope//
Ughh, these fucking haters keep expecting me to marijuana-choke//
But its my time, I know, and by that time, I'll be ghost, so//

I'm so wasted
I've been gone, for too long, I've been faded

I'm so faded, please don't let me fade away

(Verse 2)
People always telling me I look tired//
What they can't tell is really I'm so wired//
Shortest fuse, with, nothing to lose, pick, red or blue, shit, better cut the right wire////

Everything to gain when I detonate and I'm so high, I, feel like, I could levitate//
Floodgates open, flowin' in the ocean, coastin' and I'm floatin' like I'm featherweight//
Rolling down this highway, empty road of my mindstate//
But I excel when I accelerate, fuck it, they expect to fail, let 'em wait//
Forget the hate, breathe, ventilate, inhale, exhale, mediate//

And I'm so faded, I wanna be sedated, wait//
Baby set me straight cuz lately I been going crazy//
I'm just rolling in the waves and I need you to come save me//
I don't know what's real or fake, love or hate, or if this is us, or if this fate//
But at this rate I'm going, I'mma go down the rabbit-hole, into madness//
Alex in Wonderland, I'm so gone, I'm so gone, off this planet//
So excuse me while I kiss the sky, in my youth I dreamt that I could//
All I can do is try, but between you & I, for me this is do or die, success or suicide//

I'm so wasted
I've been gone, for too long, I've been faded

I'm so wasted
I've been gone, for too long, I've been faded

I'm so faded, please don't let me fade away

(Verse 3)
Wait, I'm so gone, Will Robinson, Lost In Space//
Wait, I don't know if its night or day but I'm just rollin', tidal wave//
Forgot my name, what's the title say? Under pressure, feeling the weight//
Lost on the road, gotta find my way, but I tell myself that I'm ok//

I'm so wasted
I've been gone, for too long, I've been faded

I'm so wasted
I've been gone, for too long, I've been faded
Track Name: Amore Audio
(Intro - Excerpt from "L.I.L.Y.")
Dear Hip Hop, I think I've lost all of my love for you
Cuz you treated me so badly, back when all I wanted was you

(Verse 1)
Nah-ah-ah-ah, I'm not right for you//
Don't matter how many love records you can rifle through//
You've written me so many poems, how many will I write for you? //
That's right, I'm only with you for a night or two//
Ride the bicycle then bye bye birdie, I just cycle through//
I would advise you to, find you, somebody new to play wife to//
I will lie to you, why do you, insist that I'll ride or die for you//
When in truth... I wouldn't even try for you//
See I like you when you're new but sooner than later you're old news//
And I got so many hoes who, wanna jump on my dick//
Bitch, what you think I owe you? Nothing//
This wasn't love was it? We was just fuckin', you was just somethin'//
For me to play with, and you playin' yaself if you think I'm not jaded//
Give me everything, I'll take it, and give you nothing back but hatred//
Face it, you & me, we were never really meant to make it//
This dream you chase it, potential wasted, now what you got to say bitch? //
I'll make you famous, all you gotta do is sell your sold//
Initiation to imitation, just become another clone//
I own you, forget about self-esteem or self-control//
You're mine, here's the dotted line, now just sign over your soul//
Better do what you're told, hit the studio and concert too//
But Alex, I will hurt you, I will dessert you//
I will eat you alive and then still have room for desert too//
Me versus you, holla back in verse 2//

Je t'aime, mon amour
Te amo, I love you
Amore, corazon
Te quiero, con passion

Je t'haie, mon amour
Tu me trahie, tous les jours
Ich liebe, du hast
Dame nada, quiero más

(Verse 2)
Baby hit me, harder, I want this shit to hurt//
Give me that boom boom clap, so I know its time to go to work//
You will never ever find another like me, that's my word//
Know you'll always put my 2nd, but I'll always put you 1st//
Verse, my words they escape me, and I need to break free//
Ensnared, caged, infatuated by the snares & the bass//

They say love & hate are the 2 closest emotions//
Maybe that's why we love to hate each other? Because we're closest//
She's my hostess, when she don't hold me down, I'm homeless//
I want to get closer, but closure, seems closest//
One door closes, another opens//
At least I'm hopin', and now I'm chokin' //
Shit, I just forgot my line, quick, think of another rhyme//
If I'm rhyming off beat that's cuz I'm just, ahead of my time//
Fuck 'em, I'm keep doing me regardless of all this//
If I'm not a rapper, I'm a artist, give a fuck what you would call this//
The bars are, bar-none, on-par with the rawest//
If not beyond it, let's be honest, fuck being modest//
Name your top 5, I'll fuckin' eat 'em alive//
Without even really trying, my whole being is a beat and a rhyme//
Its all I need, the bpm is my reason for being//
With no reason, no thinking, no acting, just being//

Its like I told you last time, they don't love you Like I Love You//
I hold nothing above you, even myself//
Even my health, even my sanity, even let you leave with my wealth//
Spending each & every evening scribbling on a piece what I felt//
These pieces I pencil in, piece by piece, are pieces of myself//
And I can't get peace, for thee, I go through pieces of hell//
Just to even myself, on the eve of something else//
Screaming for help, but without you, am I even myself? //

Je t'aime, mon amour
Te amo, I love you
Amore, corazon
Te quiero, con passion

Je t'haie, mon amour
Tu me trahie, tous les jours
Ich liebe, du hast
Dame nada, quiero más
Track Name: The Rain
And when we were kids, we always used to go outside and play in the rain. And it never really seemed to bother us.

Ain't no sunshine when she's gone

My father used to sing me that
Back when we we're still somewhat close and I still called him dad
Now my phone rings and only half the time I call him back
But things happen, that's life, sometimes you just gotta live with that
Let's just say he did his best and so did I, and we'll leave it at that
Cuz I'm not trying to sit here thinking & reminiscing, digging into my past
I'm just looking at my life, thinking 'bout where I'm going and where I'm at
Cuz man I got goals... I got dreams, sometimes feels so close I can almost grab
Then they slip outta my grasp... but I'll get it back
Said it before, we came a long way from being on the corner slinging crack
And that's not a chapter of my life that I'm proud of but it is part of my past
So pardon my past, no regrets, no excuses though
I just felt like if we're getting to know each other then that's some shit that you should know
16 years old, moving dro', almost lost my future over some stupid coke
So 19, had to find a new approach, cuz this foolish road
Only led to incarceration or cremation, and I knew it yo
So after graduation, got a diploma, got a job, who'd of known
That this youth'd go from the backseat of a police cruiser to a security post
Changed my whole life up, even stopped smoking weed for like 2 years or so
But then I almost tripped up and stopped doing music, woah...
See priorities got mixed up and I was switched up over some stupid hoe
Who told me my dreams weren't shit and music was a joke
But next thing you know, I snapped out of it, was back up in the studio
Rappin' like I had fuel-boosters on my ass in the booth like I got something to prove but the proof is in the puddin' in work, so music I'm putting it first, till they put me in the dirt
My only move is: Go
And I guess I got a turtle-complex cuz I hate moving slow
Was depressed for a bit but fuck that shit, life is beautiful
And so's the future yo
Stand tall through it all, keep being a trooper though
I'm trying to keep it true, I'm really just a troubadour
A musical whore, that'll amuse you and more for a penny pence
In past, future, or present tense, and I'm not even make any cents
But ladies & gents, please allow me to present: Alex... Silas
This is me, no alias
Wait, that's pronounced "alias", but don't you know we aliens?
Rules of the game? Changin' em
Out of this world, we space-station' em, word
And I'm different, for what ever it's worth
I've always been a little fucked up and I feel like it's a gift and a curse
Never feel more at peace than when I'm scribbling a verse
So I'm sayin', this is me being Zen when I'm spitting these words
It's keeping me sane, together & intact
They can't decide if I'm an innovator or if I'm bringing it back
Or if my songs are dope, or if this shit is wack
And these haters can keep saying that I can't even rap
As a matter of fact, you can hate till you're blue in the face, truth is it won't do shit to change my listeners' musical tastes
So fuck you too I guess... but really thanks though
Cuz the adversity if fuel to the fire and thanks to you I got a tankfull
So I gotta be thankful...
Feeking fly in my plaid flannel and my flip flop sandals
Flippin' through "How To Be Hip Hop" manuals
Flippin' em the bird... like damn it dude, you think I give a damn what I am to you?
Beast-mode, my whole attitude is animal
In analogue, damn it dog, check the panoramic view, I pan-handle tunes with Panamanian pan-flutes and pianos too
And I'm just trying to make a fan or 2... but I don't even like the word fan, I think we're family too
See it means everything to me if this means anything to you
And that's the truth
This starving artist shit is not an image, it's me you're listening to and looking at
Chillin' like a drifter, tippin' my hat, like please if you're feeling it put some tips in my hat, and god bless,
I feel like a lot of things in life are a test, and I'm still learning my lessons, yes
But nevertheless, I'm never-the-less, I'll always give you my best
And I stay positive, like a slightly tilted X
No, I don't know about "no", I'm out here trying to be "yes"
And I'm grinding till I'm breaking my back, never knowing if I'll get it back, or if I'll ever make it past, to my future from my past, to where I want to be from where I'm at
But until then,
I'm chillin', hell, finally feel like I can really relax
Kicking back, but I'm kicking & screaming, my friend told me I was addicted to being, consistently constantly moving and I think I believe him
Its like,
I'm only happy when I'm in movement and that's where I find balance and union with the universe and with these verses I'm just trying to say something and make something that's real
I can't sit or stand still, no, I can't chill
In fact,
I'm standing at the edge of a ledge of a precipice where if I feel it'd be an endless descent and I'd be R.I.P. from RAP
And even though the precedents been set, and it's been said over and over again, and I don't mean any disrespect, but I'm not here for dead presidents, instead,
I'm here for living people, if that makes any sense
And what do I do with cents? Back to the wishing well
Well, I'm wishing, cuz dreams you forget 'em and you never get 'em back
The kid is whimsical with raps, in my wizard's hat, just chillin' on the track
Feelin' swell, still whistling well, and I hope you know I wish you well
Cuz through everything baby, you still felt like heaven, even when you gave me hell
And heartbreak eventually just becomes another story to tell
So fare thee well, but fuck storybook endings, this is not a fairy tale
This is not a novel, this is autobiographical, this is chronicles
These are the thoughts that you find at the bottom of the bottle
You can call me June Mañana, and heaven is just another word for tomorrow
Somebody told me I'd a good author, I probably just don't have the patience
Sit down with a pen & a paper but then I start to stray and...

(talk about the rain)

But anyway shit,
I usually feel like a stranger, out of place in most situations
But I'm a sucker for a friendly face and a good conversation
When I was a kid I remember really thinking I was an alien
Always alienated, but this alien kid, nobody knew he grew to be a Super Saiyan
I used to sit on the rocks by the beach and just listen to the waves hit
Now I sit in the studio listening to wavelengths
Nothing changes. But at the same time, everything changes and nothing stays the same, dig?
Cuz although I've grown, I'm really still the same kid
And I guess what I'm trying to say is
Now when I scribble on that piece of paper, put it to a beat, and a roomful of people want to listen to what I'm saying
Now I'm doing shows in other countries, and getting played across the nation
Now I'm sitting in studios getting interviewed by radio stations
And I got people I've never met telling me that they're relating
That they feel what I'm saying, that my music helped them get through what they were facing, in some way or another and in some way or another that makes us sisters & brothers and I think that's kind of amazing
It's a trip, I'm sayin'....
But these are just some thoughts that I had one day when it was raining...
Vibing out to the arrangement...
Writing out my angst and my frustration,
My joy & jubilation,
I endure through these trials & incarcerations until I escape
At the end of a graveshift, finally faced with, freedom, and I fly off in my spaceship...

The other day I was thinking about the kid Jaylen who thought he was a Super Saiyan...
As long as he believed...
As long as he really believed...

Here's what I believe:
You can anything you set your mind to
And I'm proof

Life is about growth, these are my Roots